— Thijs van Dalen works as a Freelance Graphic Designer and is co-owner of creative agency for environmental (graphic) design Studio Bureau

Plakkaat Accuraat poster project
Plakkaat Accuraat

Every week a Plakkaat (poster) that reflects on the actuality (website). There’s an overview of the posters on Instagram.


Multiple infographics for the dutch daily newspaper Trouw.


VPRO gids cover 1 design 2016.


Editorial design for the Agency for School infrastructure (AGION).

Shift the Border
Claire de Lune

Paris – Rotterdam.

175 days of celebration

Campaign design for TU Delft, collaboration with XYZ branding agency.

Graphic Design Festival Breda

posters for GDFB 2016, collaboration with Janneke Absil.

Amsterdam Capital Week

Branding and campaign design for ACW 2016.

Spontaneous sculpture